Title: Past President

Company: Eyles Citrus


After completing school at an Agricultural based secondary school Gary began work in the family Citrus Nursery at the end of 1969,completing a certificate of Horticulture in 1972.

By 1981 Gary and his family thought it would be of value to gain some international experience. With this in mind Gary attended a course in citrus nursery practices held at The University of California at Riverside and the University of Florida at Orlando. It was at this gathering of people interested in Citrus and Nursery production that it was decided to form the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen. The first meeting of the ISCN was held in Valencia Spain in 1983. Gary was a founding member and has attended every Congress of the ISCN held since that time.

Gary has been involved in the nursery industry association in Australia at many levels with special interest in the Australian Nursery Accreditation Scheme. His own nursery is accredited under this scheme. Also he has a long term involvement in the Australian seed and budwood scheme.

Now as President Gary recognises the value he has received from his long involvement in ISCN and how his education in Citrus Nursery practices has been enhanced by ISCN.



Company: Variety Access


Simon Jurisich

Title: ISCN member

Company: Kwan Nursery