Australia is a vast land with most cities clinging to the coastal edges.

However, Mildura is inland, a rural region located close in the most north west corner of the state of Victoria.

Mildura borders the rural outback and is prone to low overnight temperatures, the temperature builds during the day.

In July you can expect temperatures on average to be from 5°c – 16°c 14°F - 61°F.

It is winter in Australia in July.

  Sydney’s Average July Temperature is 13°c  - 55°F Hervey Bay’s Average July Temperature is  22°c - 73°F South Australia’s Average July Temperature is  16°c - 61°F


There is no other language commonly spoken or used in Australia other than English.


You will need Australia compliant power plugs.

Traveling in regional areas may present issues with connecting to Wi-Fi, particularly in Mildura.


The Australian Dollar is around 73c to the USD.

Cards are widely accepted and commonly used.

Drinking Water.

All tap water in Australia is safe to drink.

You may find it an unusual taste in some regions, particularly in Mildura and South Australia.

Watch the Traffic.

Aussies drive on the Right side of the road….When Crossing the Road LOOK RIGHT, then left, then right again!.....