In 1981 a program on Technical Problems in Citrus Nursery Propagation was organised between the University of California Riverside and the University of Florida Orlando. This program was advertised world wide and delegates from thirteen separate countries attended. The program included formal lectures on subjects specific to Citrus Nurseries and field trips to Citrus Nurseries and Institutions involved in Citrus development. The program proved to be very successful and the interchange of information between the delegates was a particular highlight of the two weeks they spent together.

At the close of this program it was put to the delegates that owing to the success of the program and the relationships that had begun to develop that we form an international group. It was decided that we form the society, that we meet on a regular basis at three to four year intervals and the first meeting was to be in Valencia Spain in 1983.

In December of 1983 the first Congress was held in Valencia Spain. Our first President Juan Gil along with Patron Albert Newcomb and a dedicated team of local members organised a very successful Congress with delegates from all around the world. The International Society of Citrus Nurserymen was up and running.

The Society has had many successful informative congresses over the years the list below shows how truly international this organisation is and the presidents that have lead the Society. Note that the Presidents listed have taken over at the close of each congress and they hold office until the close of the following congress.

Year Location President
1983 Valencia, Spain Juan Gil Fibla
1986 California, USA Hank Brokaw
1990 Australia Ian Tolley
1993 South Africa Patrick Niven
1997 France & Italy Bernard Aubert
2001 Brazil, Peru, Argentina Luiz Carlos Donadio
2005 Egypt Hassan Marei
2008 China GONG Tianrong (Chairperson No President)
2011 Argentina, Uruguay, Chile Francisco Liaster
2014 Florida, Mexico, California Gary Eyles
2017 Australia, New Zealand Veronica Herrera

Our first Patron Albert Newcomb remained in that role until he passed away after the congress in Egypt. At the following congress in China two former Presidents Patrick Niven and Ian Tolley were jointly given the role as Patrons. After the death of Patrick Niven Ian Tolley has continued as sole Patron.