Arrival to Riverside on Wednesday September 28th


Pre-Congress Tours

Thursday September 29th, -Riverside- 

Visit location

Stop 1 location

Citrus Clonal Protection Program UCR

Stop 2 location

Citris Variety Collection UCR

Stop 3 location

 Original Washington navel orange tree (Riverside)



Friday, September 30th, -Palm Desert SoCal-

Visit location

Stop 1 Gless Citrus Nursery

Stop 2 TBD


Saturday October 1st - Travel day to Visalia - 

Sunday October 2nd - Free Day


ISCN Formal Congress  

  • DAY 1 Congress - Monday October 3rd - Full Day 
  • DAY 2 Congress - Tuesday October 4th - Full Day


Conference Tours  

Wednesday October 5th

Visit location

Stop 1 location  

Lunch at LREC- Provided

Stop 2 location 

Another nursery - TBD

Meetings in the afternoon 


Thursday October 6th 

Visit location

Stop 1 location


Stop 2 location - Mulholland Citrus 

Stop 3 location - Packing houses

Check “Historic Packing Houses and Other Industrial Structures

in Southern, Central and Northern California

Dinner Outside Conference Center